Welcome to the Dr Paws Cattery

We’re thrilled to be able to safely take care of your cat whilst you’re away


We are proud to take care of your cat in our cattery whilst you’re away on holidays. We love getting to know all of boarding cats and look forward to getting to your little one too!

Our cattery is designed to maximise your cat’s comfort with their own extra large boarding cage, complete with hammock for them to lay back and relax on. Each day we give them time to play and explore our cattery room, either with us one-on-one or with other cats if they are a socialite!

School holiday times book quickly so save your spot by calling 9888 1833

Cat Boarding Available 365 Days a Year!

$25per day
  • *$35 per day on public holidays
  • All cats must be up to date with their vaccinations


We practice Fear Free Vet Visits so that your fur child can feel more comfortable during their visit or stay with us. This begins from the moment they come into the clinic to the moment they are heading home with you.

  • Our carers are vet nurses & nurse trainees

  • Individual & group playtime

  • We can medicate any cats with existing health conditions

  • We can clean your cat’s teeth during their stay


We take caring for your cat very seriously and aim at all times to provide them with the best experience we can.

Just like us, each cat will have their own unique personality and we enjoy taking the time to get to know them all. Our cattery houses a maximum of 16 cats, so you can rest assured we will soon learn exactly what your your cat’s favourite things to do are!

For outgoing, sociable and energetic cats we will give them plenty of opportunities to play with other equally energetic cats. For the shyer, more people-focused cats, we will work with them one-on-one and give them the opportunity to shine in a quieter setting. Either way, you can relax knowing they’re in good hands!

We welcome cats of all ages! Our only requirement is that they are up to date with their vaccinations.

For those cats that are new to the Dr Paws family, we require a consultation and health check with one of our veterinarians, so that we are up to speed with any health concerns that may be pre-existing, new or need extra attention whilst boarding with us.

Given our hospital setting and the veterinary care on hand, we are able to take care of more elderly cats. In the case of sudden illness whilst you are away, we can provide immediate care and then contact you in case of any treatment required.

We do require that your cat is up to date with vaccinations and will require proof, e.g. a current vaccination certificate or card, if the vaccination was given at a different clinic.

We also require that the vaccination has been completed at least one week prior to your fur cat’s stay with us, so that their immune system has had time to mount a response to the vaccination and give your cat protection.

Please call our friendly team on 02 9888 1833 to arrange a vaccination if needed as we are here for you 7 days a week!

We happily cater for cats with existing health conditions that require ongoing medication to be given. Please make us aware of your cat’s condition at the time of booking so that our team can be up to speed when your cat arrives.

At the time of admission we will go through your cat’s condition in more detail with you so that we can ensure medication is given when and how it is required.

If you are new to the Dr Paws family, we will require a copy of your cat’s health history from your previous veterinarian.

We take all precautions that we can to avoid aggression between cats and towards our staff. However, unfortunately cats can be unpredictable and fights can happen. In the event of a fight, we will notify you immediately and do whatever care is immediately required.

Please be aware that you accept this risk as part of having yourcat stay with us for the day and that any and all treatment costs will need to be paid by you.

In the event that we deem that your cat poses a safety threat to other cats or staff, we will kindly ask you to respect our decision to decline continuing to offer your cat care in the boarding facility.

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