Welcome to Doggy Daycare

We’re excited to offer your dog a fun and social day out!


We are proud to take care of your fur baby when you’re at work or busy doing life! We love getting to know all of our Doggy Daycare family and look forward to getting to know your little one too!

We cap each day at 10 dogs to keep our focus on spending quality time with each individual dog.

Right from day one, our doggy day care staff will take the time to assess and monitor your dog’s behaviour and sociability. That way we can quickly cater for your dog, whether it is an outgoing socialite or prefers to spend more time with us one-on-one. In every case, we make sure each dog gets plenty of play time, cuddles and relaxation time every single day they spend with us.

Call us to book you first day FREE on 9888 1833

We welcome all sizes and breeds!

$40per day
  • Open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm


We practice Fear Free Vet Visits so that your fur child can feel more comfortable during their visit or stay with us. This begins from the moment they come into the clinic to the moment they are heading home with you.

A day in Doggy Daycare includes:

  • Our carers are vet nurses & nurse trainees

  • Dogs enjoy individual & group playtime

  • Stimulating games and treat hunts

  • Hydrobaths available every day


We take caring for your dog very seriously and aim at all times to provide them with the best experience we can.

Just like us, each dog will have their own unique personality and we enjoy taking the time to get to know them all. Our group sizes are small and capped at 10 dogs, so you can rest assured we will soon learn exactly what your your dog’s favourite things to do are!

For outgoing, sociable and energetic dogs we will give them plenty of opportunities to play with other equally energetic puppies. For the shyer, more people-focused dogs, we will work with them one-on-one and give them the opportunity to shine in a quieter setting. Either way, you can relax knowing they’re in good hands!

We think that Doggy Daycare is a brilliant way to promote the development of a well-rounded, sociable young pup! We accept all fully vaccinated puppies from the age of 16 weeks onwards.

We will make every effort to help match them with suitably sized play mates so they can gain their confidence more easily. We are also happy to help work on their sit and stay commands – just be sure to let us know how you’d like them to learn so we can teach them your way.

We can’t predict the weather unfortunately, but we do our best to cater for all types of weather and keep our dogs stimulated throughout the day!

We have a an undercover area where they are can rest in individual or dual comfort when not out in our main play yard. Our larger outdoor play area is provided some protection from a beautiful maple tree.

In summer and on hotter days, we have cooling mats, fans and a swimming shell for dogs to be able to cool themselves down in. We focus on quieter play, like treat hunts, so they don’t overheat.

On rainy days we focus on more individual activities in our smaller undercover area and then head out to the play yard at every opportunity between downpours.

We take all precautions that we can to avoid aggression between dogs and towards our staff. However, unfortunately dogs can be unpredictable and fights can happen. In the event of a fight, we will notify you immediately and provide whatever veterinary care is immediately required.

Please be aware that you accept this risk as part of having your dog stay with us for the day and that any and all treatment costs will need to be paid by you. This is discussed with you as well on the first day of Doggy Daycare.

In the event that we deem that your dog poses a safety threat to other dogs or staff, we will kindly ask you to respect our decision to decline ongoing care in the Doggy Daycare facility.

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