Protecting Your Dog from Leptospirosis

We’re here to help you cover your dog against this nasty bacteria!


You may have heard recently that there have been several reported and confirmed cases of a disease called leptospirosis in dogs in Sydney. Whilst this is a disease that has been vaccinated against for working dogs on farms for many years, we have not needed to cover our dogs against it in Sydney. Unfortunately and for the safety of our dogs, it looks like we will now need to.

Leptospirosis is most commonly spread in the urine of infected rodents or in water that has been contaminated by the effected rodents. The leptospirosis bacteria can then infect our dogs if their skin or mucous membranes (mouth, vulva, penis) comes into contact with the contaminated water. The leptospirosis infection can then be lethal, attacking the kidneys and organs of our dogs, with signs of initial vomiting, lethargy and bloody urine.If you notice any of these signs please contact us immediately.

Leptospirosis can be very difficult to treat and so prevention is always better than cure. Firstly, keep you dog on a short lead when walking and ensure they do not drink from puddles or swim in any known contaminated water source. We can also offer a high level of protection by vaccinating your dog against leptospirosis (note this is not covered in their normal C5 vaccine) by giving 2 vaccines 4 weeks apart.

Please call on 9888 1833 or book online to get your pup protected!

We welcome all breeds & sizes!

$99per leptospirosis vaccination
  • Dogs can be vaccinated from 12 weeks of age onwards
  • Two vaccinations are required 4 weeks apart and then yearly


We practice Fear Free Vet Visits so that your fur child can feel more comfortable during their visit or stay with us. This begins from the moment they come into the clinic to the moment they are heading home with you.

  • Separate dog and cat consulting rooms
  • Relaxing pheromone sprays in consult rooms

  • Toys and treats in consult rooms

  • Extended consult times for every visit


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We are committed to continue to offer you the best vet care we can in North Ryde and beyond. This means having a focus on ongoing staff and team training and being open to your feedback. We love hearing from our fur parents, so please always feel free to let us know how you you think we are doing and what we could do to be even better!

As a veterinary team, we have come up with the following values that we strive to live by: treat every animal like family, be consistent in delivering a high level of care; show loyalty to each other and our clients; and to practice with passion and compassion.

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