Welcome to a new style of veterinary care

We’re excited to provide your fur family with the highest standard of ‘fear free’ vet care!


We are proud to be the first and only clinic in Sydney where all of our staff members are certified fear free professionals! This means we pay close attention to both the physical health of your pet, as well as their emotional welfare during their veterinary visits. We hope you will notice the difference from the moment you step inside the clinic!

We treat every patient as an individual and take our time to get a full understanding of any health concerns you may have. We will then examine your pet before going through your options, discussing any necessary tests or treatments and ultimately coming up with a health or treatment plan for you fur child.

Our vets are backed up by a team of skilled and caring veterinary nurses in a well-equipped, modern hospital. As a team we work hard to deliver the best veterinary care we can and always welcome any feedback you have to help achieve this.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your fur family.

Cat with vet

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